Automation Testing

Quality is one of the key factors for software in IT sector. And this quality is achieved by rigorous testing. Manual and Automation Testing are the 2 basic testing categories. Manual testing is prone to human errors and become monotonous for repeated testing.  Here we are going to see in detail how Automation Testing helps us to get rid of this.

Why Automation?

The following salient features are those which make us to prefer Automation.

ü  Fast- Tests run significantly faster than human users.

ü  Reliable- Tests perform precisely the same operations each time they are run, thereby  eliminating human error.

ü  Repeatable- You can test how the Web site or application reacts after repeated execution of the same operations.

ü  Programmable- You can program sophisticated tests that bring out hidden information.

ü  Comprehensive – You can build a suite of tests that covers every feature in your Web site or application.

ü  Reusable – You can reuse tests on different versions of a Web site or application, even if the user interface changes.

Test Automation Tools:

Since Automation has gained confidence among the several Industries there are more Automation Tools available in market today. Some of the few automation tools that are popular are Quick Test Professional (QTP), Selenium, Silk Test, Test Complete, Testing Anywhere, Egg plant, VSTS, Rational Robot and so on. Every tool has significant advantages and designed for specific applications. Some of them are open source and some are licensed. Based on the requirement, tools can be selected.

Pre-requisite for Automation:

Automation testing will be effective when the application is stable and undergoes fewer changes. Hence automation is preferred mostly for regression testing. Manual test cases should be base lined and identified for Automation purpose. Test data preparation can also be automated depending on its feasibility there by reducing manual intervention to greater extent.

A feasibility study has to be performed to identify the best automation tool that suits your requirement.

Automation Approach:

Before setting up complete Automation, it is better to have a Proof of Concept performed to predict outcome of Automation.

The following figure shows you how a proof of concept for Automation is carried out.

At the end of PoC, you will arrive at the high level idea of effort involved for automation and benefits reaped out of it. Automation framework can be set up to proceed further. Also you can decide to Go/No-go for Automation based on the outcomes.

What Next?

For more information how Testforce can assist you in automated testing: please contact us at info@testforce.nl

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